Slauson Malone shares video for Off Me! The Wake Pt. 2

slauson malone

New York experimentalist Slauson Malone has shared the music video for Off Me! The Wake Pt.2.

Directed by artist Bolade Banjo, the video is a ‘boy meets girl’ tale that takes place in a surreal montage of parties and street scenes. Collaborators and friends of Malone crop up throughout including Pink Siifu, who features on the track, and Pearl De Luna who also appears on Slauson Malone’s latest project.

The video also marks two months since the release of Malone’s debut solo album A Quiet Farewell, Twenty Sixteen to Twenty Eighteen, his first project since parting ways with former group Standing on the Corner. Speaking about the video, director Bolade Banjo said “here is a love story, a classic tale of an ill-fated romance, a story about instant attraction and blissful unawareness of what’s to come, as told of here by the story’s narrators. Being so engulfed in the infatuation that we create a world of comfort and safety, forgetting that things will eventually come to an end whether we like it or not.”

Alongside the video itself, the pair have also shared a webpage featuring behind the scenes stills of its creation. You can check that out here.