You can now take a virtual tour of Berghain with this Minecraft video

A Reddit user has re-created the Berlin institution using the video game Minecraft.

Been turned away at the door of Berghain? Still yet to step foot inside the famed venue, but Sven don’t let you in? No problem. A virtual tour of the famous club can now be experienced online. The video, made using the first-person video game Minecraft, takes you from outside the club, through the queue area, to the lobby, chill-out areas and all the way across the venue’s three main floors: Berghain, Panorama Bar and Säule. It offers a rare glimpse inside the venue, as the club’s no-photography policy bans ravers from taking images inside. Watch the video above.

According to the video’s creator – named u/throwawayforlewdstuf on Reddit – the impeccable details have been replicated largely from memory. There’s also been talk of other maps being rendered online too. “With the help of others, I could start building Tresor, ://about blank, Renate, Sisyphos, Griessmühle and other clubs I’ve been to in Berlin and in Paris?” the user writes. [sic]

The Reddit user has also noted that the video will be removed if the club takes issue with it. Last year, bouncer Sven Marquadt sued a company for the unauthorised use of his likeness in the Berghain-inspired card game Bergnein.