Aphex Twin says Kylie and Madonna once turned up to Rephlex night at Soundshaft

Aphex Twin

In a new interview, Richard D. James talks the early days of Rephlex Records and hints that some new mixes might be in-coming.

During a recent interview Aphex Twin, real name Richard D. James, rehashed some details about the early years of Rephlex Records, the label he set up with Grant Wilson-Claridge in Cornwall in 1991. He confirms that superstars Kylie and Madonna once turned up at one of the label’s nights at Soundshaft in London. “Yes Kylie turned up once and Madonna,” he told Resident Advisor, “highlight of that night for me was my slacker mate trying to chat Kylie up… Funny and surreal af.”

The electronic musician also states in the interview that he has been holding onto some material he recorded in and around Redruth at the time he produced his first 303-type tracks. The artist hints that these could be dropping online in the near future “before they perish.”

“They sounded a bit more rudimentary than the [Universal Indicator] records but shared the same nrg (sic). Got some very early videos we made at the Bowige as well, REALLY should upload those to YT [YouTube]!”

The artist also takes a moment to get nostalgic about his love of breakbeat during the Rephlex era, highlighting 2 Kilos’ Mohameds Mind and Visions Of Paradise and Trigger’s Stratosphere EPs in particular and stating that he’s “gunna put some mixes out soon (sic).”

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