Everpress launch 50/50 campaign supporting Justice4Grenfell


Everpress has launched its annual 50/50 campaign in support of Justice4Grenfell. 

Each year, Everpress works with 50 global artists to produce an exclusive, limited-edition range of T-Shirts. The profits made from these products are then equally split between the T-shirt designers and the chosen charity. This year proceeds will go to Justice4Grenfell, a charity that launched just days after the Grenfell Tower disaster in June 2017, aiming to secure justice for the bereaved families, survivors, and wider community of Grenfell.

“We’re not the first to understand that T-shirts are the perfect platform for spreading a message, but having seen our 50/50 tees walking around the streets of London for years now, we’ve fallen in love with the idea that their messages remains visible,” said Michael Wilkin, curator of this year’s collection. “The 50/50 campaign, and the T-shirts sold throughout it, are a great way to keep social injustices on the radar for longer than the contemporary newscycle generally allows for.”

The likes of Jai Paul, Arun Gogna, Jean Julian and Moses Boyd have contributed designs to the campaign, with the theme of visibility.

Shop the 50/50 collection here.