Fast Forward Productions to release compilation album in aid of refugees


Fast Forward Productions are raising funds for incarcerated asylum seekers in Denmark.

Copenhagen DIY collective Fast Forward Productions are releasing a compilation album in aid of incarcerated refugees and asylum seekers living in poor conditions in refugee camps across Denmark. Nine artists including Schacke, Sugar and Repro have contributed tracks to the digital album, set for release on 2 September. DJ Ibon, Rune Bagge, Ezy, Funeral Future and Lund&Rønde also feature.

All profits from the album will be donated to Together We Push, a movement dedicated to supporting the well-being and rights of incarcerated refugees in Danish camps, such as SJÆLSMARK camp. Their mission statement reads: “Rejected asylum children must be granted better conditions in home and outpatient centers and temporary residence permits no later than 18 months after final refusal.”

Together We Push also buy and deliver quality food and other necessities to incarcerated families as well as planning events for the children currently living in the camps.

Read a full statement and fundraiser proposal from Together We Push here. Listen to a preview of the compilation album below.

Head to Fast Forward Productions’ website for more information.