Mica Levi’s Monos soundtrack will be released on vinyl

Mica Levi © Yis Kid
© Yis Kid

Vinyl pressings of the score for the Alejandro Landes film will be available in September.

Mica Levi’s score for the upcoming Alejandro Landes film Monos, will be released on vinyl on 13 September. The news follows last week‘s release of the film’s title track. The acclaimed Spanish-language thriller hits UK cinemas on 25 October and US theaters on 13 September. A digital version of soundtrack is out on 30 August via Invada/Lakeshore.

In a statement on the soundtrack’s production, the Oscar-nominated composer said, “In the score, I didn’t use a lot of stuff partly I think because they didn’t have a lot of stuff. Maybe the score is a bit like the clothes – a mix of materials and sizes, old clothes, new clothes, the same clothes most days.”

On working with Levi, Monos director Landes added, “Mica connected with and understood the spirit of the film: the faces, the colours, the extremeness of the environment, the mash of costumes, the absence of a specific time, place or date. She’s classically trained but can be equally as inspired by pop or heavy metal; she can mix synthesiser-driven music with a quartet.”

Monos follows a group of young rebels in Latin America watching over a prisoner on a remote mountain top. An ambush drives the characters into a jungle and the bonds within the group become fractured. The film premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival on 26 January, where it won the World Cinema Dramatic Special Jury Award.

Check out the vinyl art and the album tracklist below.

mica levi

Side A
01. Guerreros
02. Mensajero
03. Lobo Y Lady
04. Aullido
05. Solos
06. Funeral
07. Honguitos
08. A La Selva
09. Sin Radio
Side B
01. Castigo
02. El Regreso De Patagrande
03. Pisa Suave
04. Corre
05. Helicóptero
06. Monos