Astrid Sonne releases new track Strong, Calm, Slow

The second track to be released from her upcoming LP.

Astrid Sonne has released a new single from her forthcoming album Cliodynamics. Titled Strong, Calm, Slow, the three-minute piece is influenced by Sonne’s background singing in choirs.

Speaking about the track, Sonne stated “Strong, Calm, Slow is inspired by European and especially Danish choir tradition, a tradition that has shaped me musically for years through singing in choirs,” before continuing “[the song] expresses loneliness that is shared in a space with people you care for. It addresses the importance of being able to show vulnerability.” Listen to the track in the player above.

Sonne released Area Under A Curve earlier this month which served as the lead single from her new record. The six-track LP is due to be released in full on 4 October. 

Listen to Astrid Sonne’s Crack Mix here.