I See You, a zine by Crack Magazine curated by Thom Yorke, is available in stockists worldwide

I See You

Thom Yorke is donating all profits from the one-off zine to Greenpeace.

Last month, we announced a zine curated by our Issue 100 cover star. Titled I See Youthe limited edition release was created in collaboration with Thom Yorke and features interviews with eight artists of his choosing. Whilst the zine was made available for pre-order last month, I See You officially lands in selected stockists today (13 September) across the world.

For those who didn’t manage to purchase a copy online, you can now find the zine in selected stores across the UK, Japan, Australia, The Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Sweden. See below for the full list of stockists.

Inside the zine, Yorke appears alongside environmentalist and writer George Monbiot, performance poet Harry Josephine, director Luca Guadagnino, electronic innovator Laurie Spiegel, and experimental musician Kali Malone. Furthermore, Yorke interviews visual artist Christian Holstad, New York-based painter Amy Cutler and Jun Takahashi, founder of fashion brand Undercover.

Norman Records (Leeds)
Drift Records (Totnes)
Piccadilly Records (Manchester)
Rough Trade (London, Bristol, Nottingham)
Amulet Records
Chalkys (Banbury)
Monorail (Glasgow)
Resident (Brighton)
Banquet Records (Kingston)
Spillers Records (Cardiff)
Sister Ray (London)
Raves From The Grave (Warminster)
Bear Tree (Sheffield)
Fidelity Entertainment
Juno Records
Left For Dead (Shrewsbury)
Rapture (Witney)
Slide Records (Bedford)
Venus Vinyl
Vinyl Exchange
Vinyl Factory
Just Dropped In (Coventry)
South Records (Southend-on-Sea)
Vinylstore Jr (Canterbury)
81 Renshaw Street (Liverpool)
Fairhill Records (Ballymena)
Mixed Up Records (Glasgow)
Reflex (Gosport)
Stranger Than Paradise (London)
Tallbird Records (Chesterfield)
Vinyl Eddie (York)
Badlands (Cheltenham)
Benway Records
Beyond Vinyl (Newcastle)
Love Music (Glasgow)
Derrick’s Music (Swansea)
Eclipse Records (Walsall)
Elephant Records (Winchester)
Jam (Falmouth)
VOD Music (Mold)
Museum Vinyl
Pie & Vinyl (Southsea)
Probe Records (Liverpool)
Strange Victory Records (Belfast)
Trading Post Records (Stroud)
Tubeway Records (Shrewsbury)
David’s Music (Letchworth)
Action Records (Preston)
Casbah Records (London)
Crash Records (Leeds)
Earworm Records (York)
Defend Vinyl (Liverpool)
Head Records (Leamington Spa)
Insularis Solutions
Music Zone
Off the Beaten Tracks (Louth)
Pebble Records (Eastbourne)
Record Collector
Third Wave Music
Vinyl Tap


Tower Records (Dublin)

Tower Records (Various branches across Japan)
HMV (Shibuya, Hakata, Shinsaibashi)
Bonjour Records
Daikanyama Tsutaya
Stereo Records
Osaka Fragile

Landspeed Records (Canberra)
Rocking Horse Records (Queensland)
Red Eye Records (New South Wales)
Happy Valley (Victoria)
Record Paradise (Victoria)
Streetlight Music, Film & Books (South Australia)
Diabolik Books (Western Australia)

Gibert Jospeh (Paris)

Terminal Video Italia S.R.L.
New Record Di Quarto (Bari)
Disco d’Oro S.A.S. Di Franceschi Achille (Bologna)
Les Yper Sound (Turin)
MoveOn SRL (Florence)

The Netherlands
Concerto (Amsterdam)
North End (Haarlem)
Velvet Music (Leiden)
Sounds (Delft)
Kroese (ARNHEM)
Plaatboef, De V.O.F. (Rotterdam)
Plato Utrecht
Compact Cente / BVBA Videcom (Oostende)
Sounds (Venlo)

Route Copenhagen
Beat Butik (Copenhagen)

Discover Tontrager GMBH (Bochum)
Flight Records (Freiburg)
Dodo Beach (Berlin)
Ratzer Records (Stuttgart)
Space Hall (Berlin-Kreuzburg)

Bilbo Leuven
CBZ SPRL (Brussels)
Music Mania (Ghent)
Vynilla (Ghent)

Spain Digital Records S.L. (Valencia)
Revolver Records (Barcelona)

Pet Sounds (Stockholm)