Amnesia Scanner, Liz Harris and The Bug to play Unsound New York

Unsound returns to New York next month with a two-day programme focusing entirely on live electronic performance.

Having produced five events in New York between 2010 and 2016, Unsound are set to return to the city on 22-23 November 2019, with a free opening concert featuring cult Polish psych-experimentalists Księżyc to be held at St Peter’s Church on the first day.

The second day will see Amnesia Scanner, Tim Hecker with Konoyo Ensemble, Liz Harris (performing as Nivhek), The Bug with Miss Red, Caterina Barbieri and more perform at the Knockdown Center, the main hub of the event. Room 2 at Knockdown will be hosted by Quo Vadis and The Bunker who will present a series of one-off live collaborations featuring Silent Servant’s Further Reductions group, rrao & Clay Wilson and Via App and Bookworms amongst others.

The festival will also host the show Soft Power, where PC Music affiliate Felicita will collaborate with Polish folk group Śląsk Song and Dance Ensemble.

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