Rico Racks banned from rapping certain words as part of jail sentence

Rico Racks

Racks can’t use the words ‘trapping’, ‘bandoe’ or ‘whipping’ in his music.

Drill MC Rico Racks has been banned from using certain words in his music, The Guardian reports. The rapper was jailed for three years on drugs charges and was handed a Criminal Behaviour Order as part of his sentence which prevents him from using certain words in his music for five years. As Guardian Music Editor Ben Beaumont Thomas highlights, the Order prevents him from rapping the words ‘trapping’, ‘bandoe’, ‘connect’ and ‘whipping’.

The case is the latest in a string of censorship controversies surrounding UK drill. Earlier this year, the Metropolitan Police asked YouTube to delete more than 100 videos from UK drill artists, while duo Skengdo x AM were given suspended prison sentences for performing their track Attempted 1.0 live.

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