Conservative Party share club-inspired Get Brexit Done video

Get Brexit Done

The video features a track from Swedish producer Jones Meadow.

The Conservative Party have shared a seemingly club culture-inspired Get Brexit Done video on Twitter, as Holly Herndon-collaborator Mat Dryhurst points out. The language used in the video echoes the messaging of many house and rave tunes, telling viewers “It’s time to come together to get Brexit done.” The clip also features a house track by Swedish musician Jones Meadow, Middle.

The use of club culture aesthetics and language, as well as Meadow’s track itself, marks an about-face from the Tories, who in 1994 passed the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, essentially outlawing free parties and helping to bring an end to the first wave of rave culture in the UK.

Reached for comment, Jones Meadow said: “I was not aware that my music was featured in this video.” Middle is part of Epidemic Sounds library of royalty-free music. Crack Magazine has reached out to Epidemic Sounds for comment.