Grimes shares new track My Name Is Dark

My Name Is Dark is the third single from Grimes’ next album.

Grimes has released a new track from her upcoming album Miss Anthropocene. Titled My Name Is Dark, the single follows the release of Violence – a collaborative track with producer i_o – and So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth. Listen to the single via the player above.

In Crack Magazine’s Issue 99 cover story, Grimes discussed creating a character for My Name Is Dark: “Dark is going to be my main alter ego. It’s visually the best thing I’ve ever come up with. Everyone is very tired of me making metal and screamo and stuff, so that can just be Dark.”

Furthermore, she said on Miss Anthropocene: “The way I figure it is that climate change sucks and no one wants to read about it because the only time you hear about it is when you’re getting guilted. I wanted to make climate change fun. Miss Anthropocene has got a Voldemort kind of vibe. She’s naked all the time and she’s made out of ivory and oil. It’s going to be super tight.”

Miss Anthropocene is slated for release on 21 February via 4AD.