M.I.A. says her next album is “nearly finished”

The former Crack Magazine cover star has launched her latest project.

As teased earlier this week, today (31 January) M.I.A.’s new project has landed – and it’s a Patreon on which she’ll be sharing new films and music, and liv streaming her travels.

“I’m going to travel a lot this year,” she says, “and take a camera with me – so when I’m in these places that I end up, learning all this new stuff, I want to share it, and I’m just going to post whatever I’m doing, what I’m learning, who I’m meeting and what connections come my way.”

She adds, “But I want to make it fun and random it might be ASMR Sri Lankan cooking, or I might go and stay in a silent Ashram in India for a month and just not speak, or I want to interview interesting people, do some reporting, make clothes, make paintings, just see where it takes me.”

Furthermore, M.I.A. has confirmed that there’s a new album in the works. Revealing that it’s “nearly finished”, the follow-up to 2018’s AIM will arrive “on a normal label, same as the others”.

The artist’s Patreon can be accessed via two membership tiers, named Arular – which costs $5 a month – and Kala, priced at $10. Arular patrons can expect to see unreleased footage from her Matangi / Maya / M.I.A documentary and exclusive art, while Kala patrons will also have access to Q&A sessions with the artist.

Check out her video announcements below. Listen to a mix of M.I.A.’s music, curated by NAINA.


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IM ON. IM ON PATREON.!!!!! Link in bio https://www.patreon.com/mia My page can be anything you want it to be. Let’s talk

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