Mexico City club Yu Yu launches fundraiser for staff

Yu Yu

Yu Yu is asking for support in order to stay open.

Mexico City club Yu Yu has launched a fundraiser in order to ensure its survival during the coronavirus pandemic. The club, which also runs a record shop and bar is the feeling the economic impact of the virus and has been forced to close as part of Mexico’s social distancing rules. The fundraiser is asking would-be attendees and members of the global dance music community for donations in order to continue paying staff during lockdown. All donations will be reciprocated in the form of records or tickets to future events once Yu Yu reopens.

Yu Yu has welcomed some of the most respected names in dance and electronic music over the years but in particular thrives as a hub for Mexican talent, championing DJs and artists from the country alongside international artists.

The club will also host a series of livestreamed worskshops with Roland Mexico, featuring artists such as Mexican producer AAAA.

To find out more or donate head to Yu Yu’s fundraising page.