Unsound 2020 will be themed around ‘Intermission’ and focus on discourse programme

Unsound Festival 2018 © Dominika Filipowicz
Unsound Festival 2018 © Dominika Filipowicz

Unsound is adapting for the age of coronavirus.

Intermission will be the theme for Unsound 2020, the festival’s organisers have revealed. Responding to ongoing uncertainty around coronavirus, the new theme also comes alongside a decision from festival organisers to refocus Unsound 2020 around its discourse programme rather than music. Lectures, panel discussions, interviews and other non-musical events will be streamed online and archived as part of the festival.

“Nobody knows yet if any sizable music events will take place in the autumn, or what form they might take. Even if they do, we have no desire to book and announce artists in the usual way” Unsound’s organizers said in a statement. “The extremity of the situation requires a radical, meaningful and creative response, in terms both practical — according to the changing situation — and speculative.”

As well as the expanded discourse roster, Unsound hopes to release a book compiling essays and interviews as well as visual works and a companion record featuring tracks from “artists close to Unsound.” The festival will run a crowdfunding campaign in order to help fund the publication and release of both these extras.

On top of all this, Unsound is also seeking ideas from the general public for this year’s edition opening submission for discourse programme suggestions. Submissions are open until 18 May.

Unsound will take place 4-11 October in Kraków, Poland.

For more information head to the Unsound website.