Jeff Mills’ Axis Records is expanding into jazz, classical and film scores

Jeff Mills

New releases from Byron the Aquarius, Spiral Deluxe and more are on the way on Axis records.

Jeff Mills has unveiled plans to expand the roster of music released on Axis Records. In an open letter, the techno veteran explains that the label will “lengthen [its] tether to include more works that encompass live musicians/soloists… but more importantly, in directions that will address the idea of using instruments to reach a higher level of consciousness.”

The letter goes on to explain that from this fall, Axis will expand into jazz, classical music and film soundtracks while continuing to regularly release techno. As part of the expansion, the label will put out new works from the likes of Byron the Aquarius, Spiral Deluxe and Lil’ John Roberts, as well as a new project from founding father of Detroit techno Eddie Fowlkes. At the time of publication, no releases dates have been announced. Read the letter in full below.