Bun B calls for more support for Megan Thee Stallion

Bun B took to Instagram Live yesterday (24 August) to show his support for fellow Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

The rapper and actor spoke about Megan’s recent shooting, on 12 July. Last week, Megan revealed that Tory Lanez shot her in both feet after a party in the Hollywood Hills. “I know Tory, I know his manager,” Bun B said. “I know all of ‘em. Fuck all that, though. If the man on drugs, get him some goddamn rehab. If the man got mental health issues, get him some therapy. But you not just gon’ sit here and shoot this girl, and we not say nothin’. This shit not real.”

He added, “Nobody’s talking about it because it’s a Black woman… put your hands on Lady Gaga and see how quick they lock your ass up.”

Furthermore, Bun B addressed how Megan didn’t tell the police to protect Lanez. “God bless our Black women ’cause Black women be knowing Black men be in the wrong and still be standing up for them,” he said. “Why? Because they know what white people do to Black men.”

“Black women know how the legal system will treat Black men, they know how white America will treat Black men… they put themselves in front of us constantly.”

Watch the video via the player above.