Eartheater announces new album Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin, shares new single

Eartheater’s new album lands this October.

Eartheater has announced a new album, Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin. Due out via PAN on 2 October, the 10-track album serves as the follow up to Eartheater’s 2019 releases, Trinity and Angel Lust with LEYA.

The New York-based producer composed, produced and arranged the record single-handedly during a 10-week retreat in Zaragoza, Spain. Phoenix is billed as a return to some of the sounds that first made her name, refocusing on “guitar performance” and “legible structure.”

Alongside the announcement, Eartheater has shared the album’s lead single How to Fight. Watch the music video in the player above and check out the album’s artwork and tracklist below.


01. Airborne Ashes
02. Metallic Taste of Patience
03. Below The Clavicle
04. Burning Feather
05. How To Fight
06. Kiss Of The Phoenix
07. Volcano
08. Fantasy Collision
09. Mercurial Nerve
10. Goodbye Diamond
11. Bringing Me Back
12. Diamond In The Bedrock
13. Faith Consuming Hope