Robyn announces Club Domo 4 with Mount Liberation Unlimited


Club Domo 4 will feature a special pre-recorded set from Mount Liberation Unlimited.

Robyn has announced details of her latest Club Domo stream. Taking place across YouTube, Facebook and Twitch tomorrow (Thursday 6 August) from 8:30pm (CEST), the stream will feature a now-signature DJ set from Robyn, plus a pre-recorded set from Swedish duo Mount Liberation Unlimited.

The fourth edition of Club Domo will also see Robyn team up with her brother, the dancer Jac Carlsson, for the debut of his Until Further Notice initiative, a new platform for collaboration between artists. Carlsson and cinematographer Adam Nilsson have recorded a dance performance which will be broadcast alongside Mount Liberation Unlimited’s set. There will also be a “pre-stream” of curated music videos, featuring a previously unreleased video from Kindness and new music by Zhala.

Speaking about the stream Robyn said, “When my brother Jac and I started talking about making performances in Club Domo we had this idea that maybe we could, with good music and good dance, make an ASMR like experience for the people watching Club Domo. We weren’t sure it would work, but with Mount Liberation Unlimited´s specific and sensitive music and Jac´s intelligent dancing filmed by someone so intuitive as Adam Nilsson I think Until Further Notice have succeeded in doing just that.”

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