10 allegations of sexual assault and harassment against Erick Morillo surface in new report

Erick Morillo

TW: Rape, sexual assault

Ten people have come forward to share their allegations of rape, sexual assault and harassment in a new Mixmag report. In August, Morillo was charged with sexual battery for an incident at his home in Miami beach, last December. He was found dead on 1 September, the same week that he was due to appear in court.

The report includes accounts from the early 90s up to 2019. Some stories have been shared by people affiliated with the victims. One of the accusers, called Jasmine in the report (her name has been changed), told Mixmag that after having dinner, Morillo invited her to his hotel room last year. Morillo supplied her with drugs, and Jasmine later blacked out. “I don’t really remember much after that,” she said, “I just remember waking up and seeing him, and I was naked. And he was naked.” Rosie, whose name has been changed, shared a similar incident from 1998, whereby she came across a friend of a friend at Cafe Mambo Ibiza. Morillo had allegedly assaulted the friend at his villa. The victim said, “I can’t really remember anything.”

Liz Aris detailed an incident where Morillo “body slammed” her into the ticket desk of a club, back in 1994. “He used his full body weight to pin me against the desk and had his tongue down my throat and hands all over me before I knew wtf was going on,” she wrote. Two security guards and two colleagues restrained Morillo.

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