New Berlin venue, Revier Südost, launched by Griessmuehle team


The team behind Griessmuehle have launched the new Berlin venue Revier Südost.

The new venue is located in the former Bärenquell brewery in Niederschöneweide. The organisers behind the now-defunct Griessmuehle opened the outdoor space, named Baergarten, last week. According to RAthe venue is now open from 2PM (CEST) each day.

On the venue, the team said, “At Baergarten we‘ll serve draught beer and cold drinks along chill and rough tunes. It was built and decorated by our awesome team over the last weeks and marks the beginning of the new chapter.” [sic]

Griessmuehle closed its doors in February, earlier this year. Listen back to Live From Cocktail d’Amore, our mix series featuring sets from the last Cocktail d’Amore party at Griessmuehle.