LATITUDES adds Matías Aguayo and Valesuchi to 2020 programme

LATITUDES will host a series of talks and conversations on Latin American electronic music.

An introduction, run by Berlin-based Latin artists, will be held on 4 October. Moderated by Bitter Babe, Move’s Julianna will speak with Traición’s Derré tida and Chico Cornejo. The first panel, taking place on 12 October, will question why more value is placed on dance music from Europe and the US than on local contexts. Led by Luisa Uribe, Valesuchi will discuss the topic with Luisa Uribe, Yban L. Ratto and Imaabs.

The rest of the event will feature two talks, on 13 and 14 October. Cómeme’s Matías Aguayo will explore the topic: Do we know how the respective industries and alternatives ones are handled in the electronic scenes across Latin America? Those that will join Aguayo on the panel include Avril Ceballos and Verraco.

The final talk will feature panelists Nathalia Guerrero, Shams Faure, Alonso Aguilar and Richard Villegas. The four speakers will discuss: What are the forms of circulation of information and knowledge on electronic music in the continent?

Head to LATITUDES for further information, and listen back to Matias Aguayo’s mix.