Latvia’s Skaņu Mežs Festival launches REMAIIN concerts

Biliana Voutchkova

REMAIIN (Radical European Music and its Intercultural Nature) is a project that investigates and promotes non-European influences on experimental and avant-garde music.

Latvia’s Skaņu Mežs Festival is set to be the first physical event to host concerts and lectures for REMAIIN this year. The programme launches with a free opening event today (2 October) at Fantadroms. Journalist Martina Seeber will delve into the work of Italian avant-garde composer Giacinto Scelsi, and how he’s influenced Eastern philosophy. Furthermore, Berlin-based ensemble Sonoskop will perform Scelsi’s Riti: I funerali di Carlo Magno (A.D. 814), and Manto 1. Latvian artist Parša will sing Scelci’s 1960 piece.

The rest of the programme will take place on 9 and 10 October. The line-up will feature Egyptian singer Nadah El Shazly, Jay Glass Dubs, Peter Rehberg and Nik Void, Jason Kahn, Oren Ambarchi, crys cole and more.

Measures will be employed to ensure the festival is Covid-safe. Attendees will be required to maintain a distance of two metres between each other.

Head to Skaņu Mežs‘ site for further information.