UK MPs launch inquiry into the economic impact of streaming services


The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee has launched an investigation online, and is asking workers in the music industry to submit evidence.

UK MPs will examine the economic impact of streaming services on artists, labels and the music industry. The focus of the inquiry will be placed on streaming giants such as Spotify, Apple, Amazon Music and Google Play. Furthermore, the committee will assess whether the government should take action to protect the industry from piracy.

The inquiry, which can be accessed here, is asking industry experts, artists and labels to answer questions on consumer habits, algorithmic curation and alternative business models. The committee is taking submissions until 6pm (BST) on 16 November.

Music streaming brought in “more than £1 billion in revenue with 114 billion music streams in the last year”. However, as a video from the committee states, on average artists are paid £0.009 per stream.

This year has seen a shift in the traditional power structures of the music industry, which is arguably moving more towards increased artist independence. Read Mat Dryhurst’s list of resources on interdependent models in music.