Artwork by Radiohead collaborator Stanley Donwood to appear on UK billboards

Stanley Donwood
Sol, Stanley Donwood

The artist behind several Radiohead album covers will be exhibiting his artworks as part of the project Your Space or Mine with outdoor advertising specialists BUILDHOLLYWOOD?

Currently, the piece Sol – which depicts a glowing sun with tendrils extending across a black background – can be viewed on various billboards and sites in Islington, London. The Radiohead collaborator will also have a larger piece of work, entitled Set, appear on 48 billboards across the country soon.

In an interview with JackartsDonwood said, “I’m trying to make pictures that elicit some kind of happiness. It’s a novel concept for me.”

Donwood created the visuals for Radiohead’s Kid A, OK Computer and A Moon Shaped Pool. He also helmed the artwork for Thom Yorke’s solo LP The Eraser.

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