Aphex Twin and Weirdcore are planning something

Aphex Twin

Something is in the works.

In a recent interview with Crack Magazine, Weirdcore revealed that he’s working on something with Aphex Twin. When asked about upcoming projects he said, “Some epic new Aphex stuff.” However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the digital artist was unsure as to whether the project would be going ahead. He added that it “hopefully” will.

The anonymous artist recently debuted his first solo exhibition Orient Flux. Billed as an “airport of the future”, the surreal, multi-sensory show was hosted on the fourth floor of Beijing’s SKP-S department store. It featured seven different rooms and an illusory bullet train called the Trans-Aeon Express. The soundtrack to the exhibition was designed by SVBKVLT’s Gooooose and 33EMYBW. Read more about it here.

Weirdcore Orient Flux


Weirdcore Orient Flux


In October, Aphex Twin teamed up with Novation to launch the limited edition synth AFX Station. Read Aphex Twin’s Crack Magazine cover story.

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