Aphex Twin collaborator Weirdcore launches surreal exhibition in Beijing

Weirdcore Orient Flux
via Dazed

Beijing’s SKP-S department store is hosting the exhibition Orient Flux by Weirdcore.

The Aphex Twin collaborator’s exhibition is billed as a journey through time and space, and it explores themes of surveillance and surrealism. Made up of audiovisual installations with references to 70s and 80s sci-fi, art history and cinema, Orient Flux is Weirdcore’s vision of an “airport of the future”.

Beginning with the Stellar Lounge – an ambient portal – Orient Flux walks viewers through seven different rooms. There’s Weirdcore’s take on the conceptual security queue “maze”, holograms and a boarding gate of infinity mirrors. It ends with the Trans-Aeon Express, which viewers can board for a trip through China’s history. Music for the exhibition was created by SVBKVLT’s Gooooose and 33EMYBW.

Orient Flux is on the fourth floor and runs until 24 January 2021. Watch a video of the exhibition below, and head to the SKP-S site for tickets.

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(via Dazed)