Easterndaze x Berlin reveals 2021 programme

© Juan Arturo García

This year’s festival will take place in the form of a compilation and zine, video installation, community radio week and more.

Easterndaze x Berlin has unveiled its programme for 2021. Like most events held in recent months, the festival was tasked with finding new ways to present music and artists during the Covid-19 pandemic. The collaborations and musical output typically showcased at the physical festival will, this year, take place in the form of a compilation and zine, video installation, week-long community radio special and a presentation of historical and contemporary music videos at Zönotéka in Berlin.

The festival will run between March and September. It kicks off with a collaborative project, entitled An Embrace, from Bulgarian experimental music collective Amek and German label Vaagner. Elsewhere, a community radio week is scheduled to take place in April. Stations such as Radio Kapital in Warsaw, Lahmacun Radio in Budapest and IDA Radio in Tallinn/Helsinki, hosted by Berlin’s Cashmere Radio, are set to feature. The week will end with a live broadcasting session and a panel talk. A video project called Forking, presented by Subtext Recordings, has also been announced. The work is based on material from Holly Childs and Gediminas Žygus’ forthcoming second album.

The first edition of Easterndaze x Berlin: DIY Music Topographies took place in 2016. The event was launched as a festival and film series designed to present music, artists, crews and labels from Eastern European DIY music scenes in Berlin.

Head to the Easterndaze x Berlin website for more information.