Berlin concert series Kontraklang to screen new film on composer Teiji Ito

It’s being presented as part of REMAIIN, a new project exploring non-European influences in avant-garde and experimental music.

Berlin concert series Kontraklang is screening a new film that explores the works of Japanese composer and performer Teiji Ito. Michiko Ogawa and Manuel Pessoa de Lima are behind the new film, which is titled The Cosmic Music of Teiji.

The pair had originally planned to host a live concert to perform Ito’s works in Berlin for the very first time. However, they have since changed the concept and will now present a lecture performance that will be streamed online. Viewers will be able to access the stream for free. In the new film, the duo fuse references to Ito and directors Maya Deren and Marie Menken.

Ito is particularly known for his collaborative work with Deren and Menken. The new film references four films from the two directors and their Ito-composed soundtracks: Meshes of the Afternoon and The Very Eye of Night by Deren, as well as Dwightiana and Bagatelle for Willard Maas by Menken.

The Cosmic Music of Teiji Ito will be available to watch via Kontraklang’s website and social media channels from 15 March.