Listen to the fourth instalment of Stone Island Sound’s playlist series

Club to Club Festival

Stone Island Sound has shared the fourth instalment of its playlist series.

A collaboration between Stone Island and C2C Festival (formerly known as Club to Club), the Stone Island Sound project is championing sounds from local, independent scenes around the world. The aim is to create a “world sound map” through playlists, in-store soundtracks and new releases. The series is available to listen to via Buy Music Club, as well as Apple, Spotify and other streaming services.

The third instalment featured tracks from Piezo, Slikback, Jabu, Bienoise and more. Its fourth instalment features three playlists in itself: labelled Yellow, Magenta and Cyan. Respectively, they’re described as Calm to Moderate Breeze, Fresh Breeze to Gale and Strong Gale to Hurricane. Below are tracks from Silvia Kastel, Erika de Casier, Sega Bodega, Novelist and Yu Su amongst others. There’s also Autechre’s remix of SOPHIE’s BIPP, along with a track from Duval Timothy’s 2020 album Help – which Crack Magazine listed as the best album of the year. Altogether there’s 1,083 tracks, clocking in at over 64 hours of listening time.

Listen to the playlists below.