Love International launches new label with Test Pressing

Fantastic Man DJ

The first release comes from Berlin-based artist Fantastic Man.

Love International has teamed with Test Pressing on a new label venture. It follows a string of “quietly” released compilations from the two companies in recent years and has been described as “more of a project than a label”. 

Through the new project, Love International and Test Pressing will pair recording artists with designers to create an archive of items that visually complement each release. Berlin-based artist Fantastic Man is first up on the imprint with a four-track release entitled Cloud Management. He’s linked up with designer Alexander Papoli-Barawati to develop a collection of items that will accompany his new record. The playful collection features a corduroy cap, a keyring and a t-shirt.

“Love International make good times happen in far flung places, whilst Test Pressing make good times happen physically and in the digital sphere, a meeting of like minds and shared tastes, all bases covered here,” explains Love International in a statement. “Together this collaboration has been releasing compilation albums from the likes of Gatto Fritto, Beautiful Swimmers and Shanti Celeste, and this new label project unites recording artists and designers in a meeting of music and art.”

Love International x Test Pressing will release Cloud Management as well as the bundle on 14 May. Pre-orders opened today (29 March). Head to Bandcamp to purchase.