Nils Frahm surprise releases Piano Day album Graz

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The former Crack Magazine cover star first recorded Graz back in 2009.

Nils Frahm has surprise released the new album Graz today (29 March) to coincide with Piano Day. Released via Erased Tapes, the album was his first for the label, recorded in 2009. It hasn’t been released until now. Graz is named after the Austrian city where he recorded the LP.

In the liner notes, Frahm wrote: “I remember how I had to squeeze the music out of the grand piano in the Graz sessions, and while I enjoy listening to it now, I kept these recordings secret for a good while – they sound like a much younger version of myself to me, and a lot of the musical expressions from that time would be impossible for me to replicate today.”

In an interview with The Independentpublished today, Frahm shared his thoughts on NFTs. He said, “Some of my heroes like Aphex Twin are selling, sorry, crap for 130,000 bucks… It’s unforgivable to participate in something which is so bleak and wrong.”

Watch Nils Frahm perform at Funkhaus Berlin below, and read his Crack Magazine cover story.