Trans Europe Postal Express is a new collaborative album from SHAPE Platform artists

© Ondrej Merta

The innovative project was created by Prague-based producer Oliver Torr and features Elvin Brandhi, Moesha 13 and more.

Trans Europe Postal Express is a new musical project from a selection of SHAPE Platform artists. The project was created using a four-track cassette recorder that was sent to a string of musicians in cities across Europe. It was packaged in a case alongside a sketchbook, blank tapes and instructions.

Torr enlisted a selection of artists from SHAPE Platform’s 2020 roster – Clara de Asís, Elvin Brandhi, Moesha 13, Poly Chain and Širom, for example – for the project. They represent locations such as Marseille, Kiev and Warsaw. Each artist had three days to take in the instructions, create their recordings and contribute to the sketchbook. The cassette recorder and other items were then sent onto the next location. They eventually returned to Torr in Prague, with the original music recordings and location-specific material encased within used as a starting point for the record.

In an interview for SHAPE Platform last summer, Torr discussed his intrigue into the technique. “The reason for using a four-track tape recorder is to limit the artist’s creative process,” he said. “It is my form of meta-collaboration because I use this technique to make music in some instances.”

Trans Europe Postal Express is out now. Pick it up here or stream below.

Back in February, SHAPE Platform announced its 2021 roster. Oramics member Avtomat, Kali Malone, Zoë Mc Pherson and Sofie Birch were among those selected. Take a look at SHAPE’s website for more information.