Dean Blunt and A$AP Rocky collaboration, STOOZY, shared online

Dean Blunt A$AP Rocky

A new Dean Blunt track has surfaced online.

Entitled STOOZY, the hazy two-minute track features A$AP Rocky. It was posted to YouTube yesterday (12 April) and in typical Dean Blunt fashion, information on the track is scarce. You can, however, download it for free via MediaFire.

Last year, the elusive artist shared the film script Disasterpiece – a 32-page PDF on a character named Raven. The “young up and coming musician from south east London” suffered “divine” headaches. The script followed the character on a LSD-esque journey, where Raven travelled to a “supernatural realm of the revelatory, away from Babylon, the beatific: to the very presence of Godhead”.

Blunt’s 2014 LP BLACK METAL topped our list of the best albums of the 2010s. He also fronted Crack Magazine’s Issue 71 cover with Gaika. Read the cover story here.