Jayda G announces DJ-Kicks mix, shares new single All I Need

© Keith Kaselampao

It follows a recent DJ-Kicks offering from Special Request.

Jayda G (aka Jayda Guy) will helm the next instalment of !K7’s famed mix series DJ-Kicks. On the tracklist, she said, “The people included are people I’ve shared trips with, had late night DJ sessions with or made music with. They’ve been really formative in my artistry.”

“This mix is full of nostalgia; music is nostalgia for me. It’s happy and sad at the same time,” she adds. “A friend and I were looking at old pictures from when we used to throw underground parties in Vancouver and you have that feeling of like, ‘Wow, it’s changed. And there’s a sadness to that, but an awesomeness to it as well. At least we get to look back at these times and feel like yes, we lived.” 

Guy’s DJ-Kicks offering was announced today (9 April) alongside the release of her new single All I Need. The uplifting house track, which was co-produced with James Ford, slots into a central position within the mix. It’s released alongside a new video directed by David Ehrenreich. The visual is said to be a celebration of “the spirit of free party culture” and features Guy as she dances in the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada.

“Recently these 25 year old forest rave videos surfaced and when I heard All I Need it felt fitting to celebrate the spirit of these parties, tap into their mythos,” says Ehrenreich on the new video. “Blurring fact and fiction, All I Need is part music video, part anthropological study. We infuse Jayda G’s music into this lineage, a visual nod to the past while listening to the future.”

Guy’s DJ-Kicks is out on 14 May. Check out the tracklist, and watch the All I Need video below. Pre-order the release via !K7’s online store.

Jayda G DJ-Kicks

1. Light Of The World – London Town
2. Aged In Harmony – You’re a melody
3. Glass Beams – Taurus
4. Kokoro – Uman
5. Atmosfear – Invasion
6. Universal Togetherness Band – More Than Enough
7. Evan Pyramid – I Want Your Body
8. Don Blackman – Just Can’t Stay Away
9. Gerry Read – 90s Prostitution Racket
10. Naomi Daniel – Stars Dos Cult Mix.
11. LNS – Bitumen
12. DJ Boring – Gardenia
13. Jennifer Loveless – In 10,000 Places
14. Haai – Good Ol’Fashioned Rugs
15. Jayda G – All I Need
16. Fred Again.. – Diana (You Don’t Even Know)
17. House of Jazz Hold Your Head Up (Original Mix).
18. 250 Lbs. Of Blue – Rejoice (Spen’s New Vocal Mix)
19. FIT Siegel ft L’Renee – Tonite (Detroit Mix)
20. DJ Koze – Homesick feat. Ada
21. Benny Sings – Summerlude