Coventry City of Culture launches with Coolie-produced drill track


Coventry is now officially the UK’s City of Culture.

The area stepped into its year of City of Culture on 15 May and to celebrate, it commissioned a drill track by Coolie. Inspired by George Eliot, the Coolie-produced track features spoken word samples of the writer’s work from a host of voices, including Coventry rapper Jay1, Grammy-nominated composer Clint Mansell, The Selecter’s Pauline Black, Vince Hill and more.

“It was such an innovative and inspiring idea to take Eliot’s words which are so relevant today and give them a contemporary twist,” Coolie said.

“Making this single for our city was special, and will stay close to my heart. I wanted to find a way to use it to give everything back to the next generation of Coventry, after all the future is theirs, if I can help build a better one for them then my job is done as a proud Coventrian artist.”

The track was first featured in the film Timeless Words Made New, which was broadcast on 15 May to coincide with the launch of Coventry’s City of Culture festival. Now, it’s available to download via Songwhip, and all proceeds will go towards supporting Positive Youth Foundation, a charity that works with young people and organisations to raise aspirations and outcomes.

Stream the new track below.