Elkka celebrates music, dance and togetherness in Euphoric Melodies

The London-based musician’s new song and video explores a yearning for a lost euphoria. 

Earlier this year, Cardiff-born, London-based DJ, producer and femme culture boss Elkka signed to Ninja Tune’s Technicolour imprint for a five-track EP entitled Euphoric Melodies. It was an exciting announcement, made all the more exciting by the release of the EP’s sentimental lead track, Burnt Orange.

“The creation of this EP started pre-lockdown with the idea of exploring how and where euphoric moments come from in my life. As that process began, all the things that I held dear to me (and everyone else), ones that gave me those moments of joy, were taken away,” Elkka – real name Emma Kirby – tells Crack over email. “Family, friends, intimacy, touch, the dancefloor…suddenly it became about nostalgia for those times and those people, whilst desperately holding on to hope and optimism.”

In the weeks since its announcement, Kirby has shared more music from the project. There was track Alexandra, named after Kirby’s girlfriend and creative partner, for example. Today (21 May), we’re premiering a new visual for track Euphoric Melodies, which just so happens to be directed by Alexandra, aka Alex Lambert. The kaleidoscopic visual follows a trio of dancers as they shift and contort.

“As a couple, we have always loved partying together and really thrive off being in space with music and dancing with the people we love,” says Lambert. “There’s something quite raw and primal about that experience. This is something we wanted to show through this project. One of our favourite things to do at home is to put some records on and dance; there is nothing more joyful whether alone or with your people. In a year where everyone has been stuck at home, we wanted to remind ourselves of the simple euphoria and joy that comes with losing yourself in music and dance.”

Elkka’s Euphoric Melodies EP is out now on Technicolour. Watch the new music video in the player above and purchase the EP here.