Ginevra Nervi enlists Chevel, Midori Hirano, Alev Lenz and Lara Sarkissian for Klastós rework

Ginevra Nervi - Klastós rework edition

The electronic composer and producer explores connection and collaboration on her rework project.

Genova-born artist Ginevra Nervi has announced her latest project, a selection of reworks of her Klastós release. Entitled Klastós (Rework Edition), the project was born from the pandemic – a period during which Nervi realised that connection was one of the most important aspects of her creative process. The word ‘klastós’ itself is the scientific name of clastic sedimentary rocks, and for Nervi the track is about deep reconstruction and new beginnings.

The release of reworks sees her team up with Italian producer Chevel, Japanese composer Midori Hirano, Grammy-nominated artist Alev Lenz and Club Chai co-founder Lara Sarkissian.

Chevel, who reworked the track Changing, described the process as “fast” and “instinctive”, while Alev Lenz added a personal touch to Annihilation. Hirano, instead of taking a rework approach, opted to keep Gaslighting as close to the original as possible and chose to explore a more collaborative route. Sarkissian reworked Dune with the use of woodwind instruments.

Furthermore, the artwork contains a series of geocodes. “I chose to stick in a code as a graphic element within the artwork that would stimulate the listener’s curiosity,” Nervi said. “It looks like a coded message and some of it is. Copy and paste the location and you will find out.”

“Roussillon’s Beigua GeoPark is the specific place from which I came up with the name of the record – Klastós. The clastic sedimentary black rocks characterise an area of the natural park I am emotionally connected to.”

Head to Nervi’s Bandcamp page to order the release. Listen to Midori Hirano’s Sunday Mix below.