Shackleton announces first solo album in nine years, Departing Like Rivers

Listen to 12-minute single Something Tells Me / Pour Out Like Water.

Shackleton is releasing a new solo album. The seven-track release is titled Departing Like Rivers and lands this autumn via Shackleton’s own imprint Woe To The Septic Heart. It marks his first solo album in nine years, and his third to date.  

Last year, Shackleton released new music under his Tunes Of Negation project. Like The Stars Forever And Ever featured vocalist Heather Leight, keyboardist Takumi Motokawa and vibraphonist Raphael Meinhart. Shackleton also teamed up with Wacław Zimpel on collaborative album entitled Primal Forms. The producer’s last solo release, Furnace Of Guts EP, arrived in 2018.

“Unlike much of my work recently, it is not a ‘concept album’ and is without any collaborators,” says Shackleton on the new album. “I just wanted to focus on my core sound really but without any of the genre tropes that may have been present the last time I made a solo album.”

Departing Like Rivers is scheduled for release on 21 September via Woe To The Septic Heart. Pre-order here and listen to Something Tells Me / Pour Out Like Water below.