Youth Music launches NextGen Fund for aspiring young creatives

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The music charity is working with Butterz co-founder Elijah on the new project.

UK charity Youth Music has launched a new funding initiative that aims to support aspiring creatives in the early stages of their music industry careers. Entitled NextGen Fund, the new initiative is led by Butterz boss Elijah. The fund will support those with bright ideas, new perspectives and innovative ways of changing up the industry, but have been previously held back by a lack of financial resources.

Creatives aged 18-25 (and up to 30-years-old for those identifying as disabled) can apply for grants of up to £2,500. The grants will support the launch of grassroots music projects, platforms, ideas or businesses that will be delivered by the successful applicants. 40 people will be selected for funding in each round, with three rounds per year. The fund is open to applicants from across the music industry: be it artists, songwriters, DJs, A&Rs, managers and more. Creatives who don’t fall into traditional occupational categories, or don’t wish to pursue a more traditional path, are encouraged to apply. Plus, people who have never applied for funding before. At present, the fund is open to young people in England, Scotland and Wales. Elijah and Youth Music hope to open it up to Northern Ireland in the next round. 

According to Youth Music, the new fund is a response to research that it had previously commissioned. The research revealed that three quarters (79%) of young people aspiring to music industry careers wanted to start their own projects, as opposed to taking up a more traditional role.

Applications for the first round of the NextGen Fund close on 9 July. Watch a guided run-through on the application form above and apply here. You can also sign up to a string of workshops designed to offer additional information on the fund. Register here


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