Tune into an interview with electronic explorer Sasu Ripatti

Sasu Ripatti has built up one of the most diverse catalogues in electronic music, but he isn’t done evolving.

The Finnish artist also known as Vladislav Delay and Luomo will dive into his new album and his artistic life in the wilds of northern Europe in the next Crack Supporters Talk, set for Thursday, 29 July at 6pm (BST).

Up for discussion with host Connah Roberts is the new album Fun Is Not A Straight Line, a distended and glitched-out vision of footwork under his bass ‘n’ rhythm alias Ripatti. It’s the latest evolution in a long musical career that includes releases on some of the most influential electronic labels of the late ’90s and ’00s, including Chain Reaction, Mille Plateaux and Raster-Noton.

Ripatti’s recent hot streak includes Rakka, the first solo album in six years under his lauded ambient techno alias Vladislav Delay, and a collaboration with dub reggae rhythm section Sly & Robbie. Last year he also released a remastered version of Vocalcity, the 2000 album from his pop-leaning Luomo project, a cult favourite among house spotters.

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