A street in New York has officially been named after MF DOOM

© Elliot Kennedy

The street in Long Beach, New York will now be known as KMD – MF Doom Way.

Earlier this year, a petition was launched to rename a street in Long Beach, New York in honour of MF DOOM, who passed away aged 49 last October. The petition was started by Dr Patrick C Graham, a former schoolmate of the influential rapper. He, alongside others involved in the KMD – MF DOOM Way Committee, called for the block on East Hudson Street, between Riverside Boulevard and Long Beach Road, to be renamed after DOOM and his early musical project with his younger brother DJ Subroc.

After months of extensive lobbying, the dedication was granted by the City Council of Long Beach back in July. The street was officially renamed KMD – MF DOOM Way in a ceremony held on Saturday (31 July). The new street sign was also unveiled during the ceremony.

“Hip-hop leaders credit Mr. Dumile as one of the most prolific rap artists of all time. His life served as an example of inclusive community building and growth through individual struggle Long Beach profoundly influenced his adolescents,” says Graham in a statement. 

“People of various backgrounds and cultures worldwide recognise him as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, underground hip-hop artist of all time. Mr Dumile’s ability to unite people across cultures started as a youth in Long Beach.”

In January, our Issue 117 cover star KeiyaA shared a special mix in celebration of former Crack Magazine cover star DOOM, an artist who has had a profound influence on her artistry. Listen below.