Join a live Q&A with The Bug in the next Crack Supporters Talk

The returning dubmaster is next in our live interview series.

Kevin Martin will sit down with journalist Chal Ravens to talk about the journey to Fire, his first album as The Bug in seven years, in the next Crack Supporters Talk.

Streaming live on Wednesday 8 September at 7pm (BST), the conversation will explore the UK producer’s affinity with extreme music and his unique career traversing both the dancefloor and the fringes of experimental dub.

Just released via his longtime label Ninja Tune, Fire marks his return to the dancehall physicality of The Bug after several years of exploratory collaborations, including his ZONAL project with Moor Mother and Justin Broadrick, King Midas Sound with Roger Robinson and Kiki Hitomi, and an album with Earth’s Dylan Carlson.

The album comes after an extensive run of ambient releases, including last month’s Melting Point, which Martin began making in response to the anxiety and uncertainty of recent years, both politically and personally.

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Tune into The Bug and Dis Fig’s collaborative Sunday Mix below.