Ryuichi Sakamoto releases piano scores for Parolibre and MUJI2020

Ryuichi Sakamoto © Sebastian Kim for Opening Ceremony

Last December, Ryuichi Sakamoto launched an official store for piano scores.

The composer shared the sheet music for renowned pieces, such as Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, as well as more recent releases including leta and 2017’s Andata. Today, he’s added two scores to the online shop, including his composition for MUJI’s global Pleasant, somehow campaign in 2020 – which focused on the theme of cleaning – and the 1986 track Parolibre.

The latter was originally released on the album Futurista, and was later reimagined for the LP 1996. In Sakamoto’s announcement, a post online explains: “It is a popular song, often played at the end of recent live performances.”


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The musician celebrated his 70th birthday earlier this week, on 17 January. In December, Crack Magazine premiered the Diana Kunst-directed video for Sakamoto’s 2021 track silence. Watch the visual here. In the same month, Alva Noto’s imprint, Noton, announced that it would be reissuing Sakamoto and Noto’s V.I.R.U.S. album series in 2022. The composer recently collaborated with Arca on the track Sanctuary, which was released on kiCK iiiii last year.

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