Charli XCX has released the new ballad ‘Every Rule’

The Collections cover star has released a new single.

Charli XCX – real name Charlotte Aitchison – has released the new track Every Rule, and it’s a slow-burning, tender ballad created in collaboration with A. G. Cook and Oneohtrix Point Never. The new track is taken from her forthcoming album Crash, which is slated for release on 18 March. So far, the artist has also released the singles Beg For You, Baby, New Shapes and Good Ones. Listen to Every Rule below.

Aitchison has also released a limited edition print to her online store. There are 500 copies available.


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In her Collections cover story, the artist talked about going in a more mainstream pop direction for Crash. “I’ve worked really hard to show people a different side of pop music,” she said. “I feel like I’ve earned the right to do whatever the fuck I want because I’m good enough. I’m better than a lot of people, so I wanted to flip the script and not be the bleep-bloop girl. And show that I can play pop games if I want to.”

The Collections, Vol. 3 is available in the online store.