Charli XCX responds to stan criticism: “This is undeniably my most coherent era”

© Karolis Kaminskas

The pop star released her single, Baby, yesterday (1 March).

Following criticism received from fans on the new track, Charli XCX has taken to social media to respond. In a series of tweets posted last night (1 March) she wrote: “OK – I’m not mad – promise – I just find the commentary interesting so I had to just dip into Stan world for a sec: to me this is undeniably my most coherent era. Like OBVIOUSLY. whether you LIKE it or don’t, I don’t care but it’s cohesive & consistent:” [sic]

On the mixed responses to Baby she stated: “Also – again – not bothered that some people will always have their preferred eras etc (that’s why it’s fun being an angel – there’s so much variety) – but if you don’t think baby is a bop then… idk that’s just v suspicious to me…”

Charli also responded to one fan who called her ‘mother’. “OH and finally if u wanna throw around midlife crisis fucking throw it at me – I’m getting older, I’m getting hotter, my tits are stunning, I’m in great shape, I’m dancing, I’m progressing and I’m living my best life – and that the tea”.

She added, “But dw. I honestly still love y’all. but i’m not gonna let u talk ur talk without me having my say too”.

Baby is the latest single from Charli XCX’s upcoming album Crash, which is set to be released on 18 March. So far, she’s also released the singles Beg for You, New Shapes and Good Ones. Revisit Charli XCX’s Collections cover story, and get a limited edition print of the cover via the online store.