Nick Cave reveals he’s backing Luca to win Love Island

The Ghosteen singer also explained that he and his wife know the reality TV show contestant personally.

In Nick Cave’s latest post on The Red Hand Files – a forum where the musician regularly answers questions from fans – he answered questions on who he’s backing to win Love Island and the major difference between him and his wife, Susie. “The defining difference between Susie and me is that she watches Love Island, and I dont,” he wrote. He further detailed that they know Luca Bish, a contestant on the current series of the show, as he was a school friend of their twins Arthur and Earl.

The post goes on to explain that after the death of their son Arthur in 2015, Luca’s parents Maria and Michael supported Cave and his wife. “After Arthur died, in the early days of that terrible, chaotic first week,” he wrote, “Maria turned up on our doorstep with a tray of lasagne and basically looked after us.”

“We will never forget her kindness,” he continued. “Even in the first week, when the world seemed suddenly and shockingly defined by an unspeakable and distorting cruelty, Maria reminded us that there was good in the world.”

Concluding the post Cave said, “These people, Lucas parents, are as good as people get, and they love their son, Luca. So, Susie watches Love Island and cheers him on, and hopes that he will win. I also hope that Luca wins, and wins soon, because then I can get the fucking TV back.” Read the full post here.