UNIIQU3, Kush Jones and Finn pay tribute to Jersey club pioneer Tim Dolla

The DJ, producer and co-founder of Brick Bandits has died.

A pioneer of Jersey club, Tim Dolla is credited as one of the early founders of the genre. In 2002 he and Mike V started up the Newark, New Jersey crew Brick Bandits, which was one Jersey club’s first collectives.

Having started out MC-ing during his DJ sets, Dolla went on to produce viral track Swing Dat Shyt which focussed on one of the genre’s popular dance moves at the time. This track also influenced the trend of Jersey club producers including dance moves in the songs and fully embedded the genre in the dance culture it became synonymous with.

In the wake of his passing last week, artists and figures from the Jersey club scene have paid their respects to the late DJ and producer. Read a selection of tributes from UNIIQU3, Kush Jones, Finn, Local Action and more below.


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