Circadian Rhythms releases new Communal compilation

© Dre Romero

The compilation features contributions from labels such as SVBKVLT, Bokeh Versions, Nyege Nyege Tapes and LuckyMe.

Circadian Rhythms has released their latest project, a various artists compilation alongside an upcycled merchandise capsule collection. For Communal, the London-based DIY label and multidisciplinary collective asked ten other labels and DJs to submit tracks from their back catalogues which artists from the other imprints involved then bootlegged. The result features tracks from the likes of Osheyack, DJ Pitch, Gabber Eleganza, Prettybwoy and an estoc bootleg of Grove‘s Bloodsucker.

Detailing the bootlegging process for Communal, Circadian Rhythms wrote: “Each of the labels involved offered a selection of artists and releases from their roster to work on the project. Tracks were pooled together from each label and selected by artists from other labels to be bootlegged using only the original track to work from. The practice of bootlegging music is age old within dance music, and this compilation sees artists from around the world dismantling and reconstructing partnering labels music in their own vernacular. The compilation spans 17 tracks and sees some of the global scene’s most interesting DJs venture into new musical territories working on a contrast of genres”.

For the merchandise side to Communal, the capsule collection features more than 100 unique pieces – spanning everything from ponchos to bikinis – made using unsold stock from the labels involved. The reworked clothing line is helmed by Stone Island designer William Francis Green and is zero waste, serving “as a protest against the mass production and wasteful practices of the fashion industry”.

The collection and release were officially launched at Circadian Rhythms’ event last Friday (18 November) at Space 289 in east London.

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