Mumdance is dropping new music next week

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The new release is set to be the first from Mumdance in 3 years.  

Mumdance – real name Jack Adams – has announced new music coming next week. The artist took to Instagram today (28 November) to announce the upcoming release, which will be his first since his 2019 collaboration with Logos, Zoned In, after which the UK artist took a hiatus from the music industry.

In February, Adams shared an archive containing over 300 hours of archived mixes and work, and explained his absence, detailing his experiences in recovery and celebrating his third year sober through the release of previously unheard work.

In an Instagram post, he wrote: “It would be nice to say that it was a noble choice to go into recovery, but the truth is that my behaviour became increasingly erratic and my actions were causing harm, upset and discord.”

He continued: “These processes forced me to take a long uncomfortable look at myself. Through practicing the principles involved I have gradually learnt – and continue to learn – empathy, self-awareness and humility.”

Adams also shared that his perspective towards music had changed over the course of his break. “Over the last 12 months, I’ve slowly started to remember what I used to love about music,” he wrote. “I have no real expectations of what comes next, but I’m grateful to have the beginnings of a healthier relationship with listening and creating.”

The archive, which is housed within Mumdance’s website, contains “316 hours of mixes, many of them unheard” as well as “equipment lists and sleeve notes for each track in the discography”.

Prior to his 2019 collaboration with Logos, Mumdance released Shared Meanings in 2018, which featured work with ZULI, Chevel, Nkisi, Space Afrika, JK Flesh and more. Adams had also shared Bliss Signal under his project of the same name – which he shares with black-metal experimentalist WIFE.


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